My Story
During my lifetime, I have gone broke more times than anybody I know. I have probably gone broke more times than anybody reading this. I was almost a pro at going broke.
Once upon a time, I had 41 credit cards, all active and open. I filed bankruptcy twice. I didn’t have a “Wealth Building System”. I had a “Debt Building System”.
I constantly thought about ways to make more money, but it never seemed to be enough.
I had my successes, but somehow managed to go broke again.
I lived about ten years with no credit cards. I lived in an all cash world. I lived in a camper for 5 years. I wasn’t sitting on an easy chair. I ran long, hard days every day.
I was surviving, but still broke.
In my mid-fifties, I had a heart attack.
Now, not able to work, I went on food stamps. I applied for disability and got denied. Living the poverty life was now my only option.
I had an old camper to live in. I had an old piece of a car. I had an old piece of a van. My newest vehicle was almost 19 years old with 270,000 miles on it.
Of course, I owed on all of it. It’s the American way. Of course, I was behind on my payments.
I was also three months behind on my electric bill. I was also a single parent of a teenager.
Being the chronic thinker, I was always trying something new, something old, something different just to survive. Anything to make a buck to cover a bill or a need.
As I mentioned earlier, I used a $100 bill and I increased my personal net worth by $8,000.00 in about 22 days. It works very simple, but there are some guidelines to turn this into wealth instead of a windfall.
YES and NO.
This system is like any other tool:
It only works if you use it.

A hammer doesn’t drive the nail.
The person using the hammer drives the nail.

You cannot place a hammer on a stack of lumber and expect it to build a house for you.
You will need to follow a proven system to accomplish that.
If you plant the seed, cultivate it, tend to it and give it a little dwell time, it will work every time!
That’s why it’s called Financial Farming.
The scriptures state: “Faith without works is dead”. James 2:17

I want to know if this is the most beneficial LIFE LESSON of all!
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